RUSTLE SHIT UP! The bruised banana edition.

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Back in the long long ago when I was knee deep in nappies looking for an escape from all things motherhood, I had a passion for cooking and a knack for rustling shit up out of nothing. I thought about starting a blog to share my skills. I wrote a beauty blog instead.

5 years on, I still have a skill for creating delicious meals out of the scraps left in the fridge and random shit I find in the pantry. Something that brings me great joy is to buy all the stuff for a fancy recipe, make fancy recipe, then see how I can use up all the left over fancy ingredients in the following days. I hate food waste and I love flavours, so it’s win/win.

Sometimes I create dishes from scratch. These usually involve making a pie or pasta, or cheesy bake. Sometimes though, I need a little guidance, especially with sweet baked stuff. I need a recipe but not a fancy one. Just something simple that uses ingredients I’m most likely to have in the pantry.

This is when I turn to Veggie Mama.

The bananas in the shops have been shithouse lately and that means they’re coming home all squishy from school and piling up in the fridge. Fortunately, the wonderful Stacey from Veggie Mama has a super simple yet delicious Banana Cake recipe that I can whip up in no time and eat 40 minutes later. The eating part is the most important bit.

For mine, I take her recipe and add a teaspoon each of vanilla and cinnamon. I also don’t know where the hell my loaf pan is so I use a square slice pan instead. I actually prefer this because it means I get more of the golden outside bit which just happens to be my favourite part. This cake is fucking delicious and I could eat it all in one sitting. It’s bouncy and moist, but not too moist, with a subtle banana flavour. You could spread a nice thick layer of butter on it if that’s your jam. That’s your jam, isn’t it? Yes! Praise be to the butter!

Anyhoo, hope this first post about easy AF cooking has floated your boat. If not, there’s still plenty of beauty, life and style shit on here for you to check out. Just think of it as an online magazine designed to make your life easy AF. Peace.

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