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By 2016-03-10 Lifestyle

My Beauties!  I know it’s been a while since we last spoke here, but so much has been going on this past month that I just haven’t had either the time, energy or sometimes motivation, to write.  Don’t worry though, because apart from low iron (getting it checked today) everything else is just fabulous.  So won’t you sit back, relax and indulge me, as I tell you all about it.

Last time we spoke, I was telling you all about my new bikini for my 40th birthday trip to Tahiti.  Well, after reading my post and absolutely loving the body positive story behind my purchase, the beautiful Ashton Smith, designer of Farron Swim, contacted me to say thank you.  She loved that a mum had the confidence and no-shits-given attitude to get around in one of her bikinis.  She explained to me that many of her mum friends were reluctant to try her designs, as they didn’t feel worthy or were just too self conscious.  How sad is that?  Anyway, Ashton shared my story with her followers and I hope that it inspires more women with ‘non-model’ bodies to step out of their comfort zones and try something that was only ever in their wildest dreams.  Oh yeah, and to say thank you, she sent me two more bikinis even skimpier than the one I bought, but equally flattering, if not more so.  They were pretty much all I wore in Tahiti, and each piece made me feel beautiful, sexy, comfortable and carefree – such a perfect addition to my perfect holiday.

Now before I get to the perfect holiday, there was a perfect birthday party.  I could have invited about a thousand people who absolutely rock my world, but I had to narrow it down to my nearest and dearest, and although some of them couldn’t make it, the ones that did, made my day and night unforgettable.  The party could have been at the tip and I still would have had the best time with the most incredible group of humans I am blessed to call my family and friends.  The DJ playing ‘Love is a Battlefield’ and ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ just spread an extra layer of icing on the already heavily decorated cake that was my 40th celebration.  And the decision to wear flats was pure genius.

Tahiti.  Oh, Tahiti.  The holiday I’ve been dreaming of for over 20 years finally became a reality, and it was everything I hoped for and more.  It may have begun with an anxiety attack in Auckland airport and ended with period cramps and vaginal hemorrhaging on the flight home, but all the stuff in between was just so flippin’ amazing.   The water, the bungalows, the beach, the day spas, the cocktails, the Nutella, the crepes, the little tropical fish friends swimming around you in the impossibly clear and perfect water, being mega impressed by your husband’s ability to speak conversational French with the locals, the doing absolutely nothing.  All of that, ace.  I’ll tell you more about it and my Tahitian beauty experience soon – and no, it was nothing like my Thailand one.

If you’re still with me, I’d now like to tell you about the most exciting and meaningful event of my incredible month.  Last year I met some fabulous women, first online, then in real life.  Carolyn and Gillian are the firecrackers behind Champagne Cartel and they relaunched their blog as an online magazine in February.  They asked me to be a contributor and I jumped out of my skin.  These women are my idols – their talent, humour, intellect and fabulous brand of feminism, have inspired me to be a better writer and human.  And here they were asking for my input into their baby.  Are you f*cking serious?  Um, yes, yes they were.  Big time.  They even let me veer off topic.  I think they wanted me for my beauty know-how, but I hit them with something a little different and it went bananas apparently.  If you haven’t read it yet, I invite you to check it out here, and stick around for a browse and a read of some very entertaining and thought provoking content.  (Mum, I know you’re reading this.  If you haven’t read the article yet, let me know and I’ll send you through a censored version.  There are quite a few swears, but that’s kind of what it’s about, so don’t get sad about it, ok?)  Anyway, it was the most read article on the site that month, was shared all over the bloody place and also heavily commented on.  Emily Hawker also named it as one of her top web reads for the month.  Emily is another incredibly intelligent and gifted writer who I admire and look up to, so I pretty much pissed my pants when I saw my work featured on her blog.

This experience confirmed for me that what I’ve been enjoying as a new hobby for the past two years, is actually a pretty cool talent.  What started out as me just sharing stories about lovely products I’ve tried, has developed into a love of writing interesting and inspiring articles that challenge our inner negative voice and punch our low self esteem in the balls.  I often find it difficult to verbally articulate my thoughts and feelings, as I’m a naturally anxious and nervous person (though you wouldn’t know it).  But writing gives me the luxury to slow down, edit and present my opinions more clearly, and say things like ‘punch our low self esteem in the balls’.  It’s just all good stuff.

To top off my wonderful month, the incredible Nikki from Styling You chose the shot above as the winner of her SY Heat style challenge.  I couldn’t believe it.  I won a gift voucher for Birdsnest, and spent it immediately.  No point pissing around when it comes to free shit.

Anyway, thank you again for indulging me with this excitable little update.  I look forward to writing something inspiring and thought provoking for you soon.  In the meantime, remember the thing I said about the balls.


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