RUSTLE SHIT UP! The bruised banana edition.

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Back in the long long ago when I was knee deep in nappies looking for an escape from all things motherhood, I had a passion for cooking and a knack for rustling shit up out of nothing. I thought about starting a blog to share my skills. I wrote a beauty blog instead.

5 years on, I still have a skill for creating delicious meals out of the scraps left in the fridge and random shit I find in the pantry. Something that brings me great joy is to buy all the stuff for a fancy recipe, make fancy recipe, then see how I can use up all the left over fancy ingredients in the following days. I hate food waste and I love flavours, so it’s win/win.

Sometimes I create dishes from scratch. These usually involve making a pie or pasta, or cheesy bake. Sometimes though, I need a little guidance, especially with sweet baked stuff. I need a recipe but not a fancy one. Just something simple that uses ingredients I’m most likely to have in the pantry.

This is when I turn to Veggie Mama.

The bananas in the shops have been shithouse lately and that means they’re coming home all squishy from school and piling up in the fridge. Fortunately, the wonderful Stacey from Veggie Mama has a super simple yet delicious Banana Cake recipe that I can whip up in no time and eat 40 minutes later. The eating part is the most important bit.

For mine, I take her recipe and add a teaspoon each of vanilla and cinnamon. I also don’t know where the hell my loaf pan is so I use a square slice pan instead. I actually prefer this because it means I get more of the golden outside bit which just happens to be my favourite part. This cake is fucking delicious and I could eat it all in one sitting. It’s bouncy and moist, but not too moist, with a subtle banana flavour. You could spread a nice thick layer of butter on it if that’s your jam. That’s your jam, isn’t it? Yes! Praise be to the butter!

Anyhoo, hope this first post about easy AF cooking has floated your boat. If not, there’s still plenty of beauty, life and style shit on here for you to check out. Just think of it as an online magazine designed to make your life easy AF. Peace.

Super fancy keep cups featured in the photo are available here from the One Cool Mother shop. They are hand made by Carys Martin Ceramics exclusively for One Cool Mother.

RAISING FEMINISTS. Don’t sweat the toy stuff.

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When it comes to raising feminists, don’t get hung up on the toys and the clothes. The kids are alright.

I just read an article about how difficult it is to raise a feminist son when you can’t control influences outside the home.

The writer and her husband were doing all they could to provide a gender neutral influence at home, but that all got away from them when their son started a new kindy and gravitated towards an all male peer group and started playing dinosaurs and cars and shit. And this concerned her.

The article by Jamila Rizvi is excellent, and I am by no means here to debate it. The topic of toys and clothes was only a small part of the piece, but one that stuck out to me, as I also got caught up in the stress of it all when my daughters were born. Rather than disagree, I’m here to reassure. Don’t sweat the toy stuff when trying to raise feminist kids.

As a parent of identical twin girls, who have rarely been apart, given the same upbringing, provided with the same influences as far as toys, entertainment, clothing, sports and activities are concerned, I’m here to say that none of this is in anyone’s control, at home or out in the big wide world.

My girls couldn’t be more different and yet they were once the same being. There’s only so much nurture you can provide before nature takes over and your kid becomes their own little individual. And that is awesome.

Who they choose to play with and what they choose to play, might not necessarily have any impact on the adult they become. I was heavily influenced by my older brother growing up. I loved building with Lego and blocks, creating race tracks for Match Box cars. I played cricket in the backyard with a proper ball and got knocked around. I even wore his clothes on free dress day. What did I do when I grew up? Worked in fashion, beauty and childcare, immersing myself in feminine and female dominated industries.

Childhood is an experimental wonderland. It’s not a life set in stone. Boys playing dinosaurs with other boys while wearing clothes marketed to boys, doesn’t mean they are going to grow up disrespecting women or shy away from a career as a nurse, if that’s their calling. In the same way that girls playing dolls with other girls while wearing tutus is not going to result in a posse of submissive women without ambitions outside the home.

Rather than concerning ourselves with what they choose to play, we should be focused on how they play. Is everyone being included in the game? Is there equality amongst the players? Is it a fair playing field and is everyone getting the recognition they deserve? How are the children speaking about their friends and more importantly, how are they treating them?

The same goes for our influence at home. How do we speak about gender and equality? How do we show our children our feminist values? Right now, I show that by letting my daugthers have a choice. Whether they want to dress up as a ballerina or as Spiderman is their choice. And both choices are correct, because it comes from them.

So what I’m saying is, give yourselves a break when it comes to the gender neutral influences. Stereotypes will always be out there and that’s ok. Allow your kids to express their uniqueness however that feels good to them. If you’re lucky enough, your parental peer group will be on your wavelength and there will be acceptance and celebration for every kid’s choices.

Just don’t let them wear crocs.


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OMG, YOU GUYS, I’M ON THE ‘TUBES! And I’m a total noob, so be nice. I’ve started with an everyday makeup tutorial and you can let me know what else you want to learn.

As with everything in my little part of the internet, it’s about as real as it gets, so I hope you feel that my amatuer production is relatable and honest, ’cause I don’t know how to be anything else.

I tried to appeal to those with a short attention span by breaking the video into 3 parts, but I’ve since received feedback that one clip would have been sweet. And when I work out how to edit, they’ll be even easier to digest.

So strap yourselves in for my first YouTube effort and enjoy. (Like and subscribe if you dig it x)

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SKIN BOSS FACE OILS available from my shop. Click here

NUDE BY NATURE Concealer and Sheer Glow BB Cream in Natural Tan available from Nourished Life (link below to shop)

REAL TECHNIQUES Expert Face Brush from Priceline

SAVVY Cheek & Lip Colour in Sleek Rose from Priceline

ERE PEREZ Colour Pot in Holy from Nourished Life (link below to shop)

MAYBELLINE Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara from EVERYWHERE!

Love, Kate x


PRETTY LITTLE ASSHOLE: Your ‘kind’ comment is not required.

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This article is like an asshole inception. I’m writing about being an asshole and the act of doing so makes me even more of an asshole. But I’m owning it, like the true asshole I am.

I’m talking about the concept of ‘pretty privilege’ and how it’s made me behave like a shitty person over the years.

So I got some Botox last year. My friend started a cosmetic injectables business and I am all for supporting friends. I had never had it before and had always been anti. And that’s OK, if you keep that shit to yourself. But when friends had it done, I would be all “Why do you need that? You’re beautiful just the way you are. Why would you spend money on that and not on XYZ? Your face is going to fall off! It’s poison! Ageing is privilege not everyone gets!” and other opinions I should have kept to myself.

You see, before I turned 40, I was looking fresh as daisy. No wrinkles, no sagging, no age spots. I was a f*cking vampire and hung on my inherited pretty privilege. My opinions about ageing gracefully were strong and I even wrote an article about it, which I (mostly) no longer stand by. I didn’t need any ‘work’, so why would anyone else? I was coasting through life with the blessings of good genetics, youth, and the ability to apply flattering makeup. I’m still coasting to some extent, thanks, Mum.

I thought I was being kind to my friends who were getting filled and injected, by telling them they were beautiful just the way they were. But I was just projecting my own ideals onto them, making myself an asshole in the process. Just because I didn’t think I needed it, why should I try to stop others from choosing that for themselves? Was I scared that they would hog all the pretty and my privilege would be taken away from me? Maybe? What an asshole.

And this is what I see in comments online all the time. Someone posts about getting something done, choosing to improve themselves in some way, and every one piles on with ‘good intentions’ to let them know they don’t need it or ask why they would do that to themselves. “But you were beautiful before!” No shit! Not everyone getting stuff done hates themselves. We’ve just got more options these days, so why not take them? I tried Botox because I was giving out an opinion on something I had never experienced. I made the decision to stop being an asshole and see what all the fuss was about. Did I need it? No. Can I go through life happily without it? Yes. Do I love myself just the way I am? Absolutely. Am I going to try it again? Shit yeah! And I’m going to give fillers a go too. Suck it.

So next time you feel like giving your opinion on someone else’s choices, just check your own privilege/jealousy/insecurity. Your ‘kind’ comment is not required. You’re kinda just being an asshole.

Love, Kate x


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So here’s the (very flexible) plan. Each month I’m going to serve up a collection of my favourite style, beauty and lifestyle picks. The emphasis is on EASY, so nothing is over-styled, uncomfortable or impractical. Think multi-use makeup products, simple yet effective skincare, activewear that can be tumble dried and fashion that will last for seasons to come.

In the interest of making things easy AF, the majority of my recommendations will be available right here in our online store and I’ll put up quick links for everything else.

So what do I have for you this month?

Well, shit’s getting festive so let’s sort you out for your special events. The ultimate party dress is here in all its tropical glory. Libby Watkins has transformed her signature artwork into the most spectacular kaftan you will ever put on your body. This is the epitome of glamorous holiday dressing, with the sequined embellishment solving any accessorising dilemmas. It’s enough if you want it to be, or you can go nuts and jewel it up. Your choice. For me, I’m just chucking on some barely there shoes and heading straight to cocktail hour. Job done.

Having a low key Christmas day but still wanna look the business? These Adrift cotton dresses are the solution. I love the white dress for a day of hosting at home, bare foot and effortlessly gorgeous. It has pockets for stashing the good Roses (Turkish Delight is my jam), and the loose fit means you can do sweet-savoury-repeat till you pass out.

If your girls need a proper bra, but you still want a cool, whimsical option for the big day, then the blue Lucy dress is an absolute winner. The colour and cut are sensational and you can dress it up with heels if things get a little fancy. Perfect option for a lunch out at your local.

Libby Watkins Kaftan
Kaftan – Libby Watkins [/products/kaftan-libby-watkins/]
Adrift Nash dress
Nash Dress in Gypsy White – Adrift [/nash-dress-in-gypsy-white-adrift/]
Adrift Nash dress
Lucy Dress in Gypsy Blue – Adrift [/products/lucy-dress-in-gypsy-blue-adrift/]

It’s getting hot out there. Time to get wet. Whether you’re after something sexy, sun-safe or a super pretty print, Capriosca Swimwear have you covered. These are my hot picks for togs that survive bomb dives, big waves and building sandcastles. The Sport Luxe ¾ Sleeve gives you chlorine resistant fabric, with strategic ruching around the belly and a zip to control the amount of cleavage you feel like flashing. The Black Tie serves up serious sexy vibes in a completely customisable one piece. Tie it up any way you like to suit your body, style and mood. And lastly, my favourite swimsuit of the summer, the Geo Stripe one piece. I feel all the things in this one piece – sexy, fun, pretty, comfortable, supported, stylish and active. Just add a matching sarong and get out there and have fun.

capriosca swimwear
Capriosca Swimwear – Luxe Sport One Piece With 3/4 Sleeve[/products/capriosca-luxe-sport-one-piece-with-3-4-sleeve/]
Cross Body Bag – Libby Watkins[/products/cross-body-bag-libby-watkins/]
capriosca geo stripe
Capriosca Swimwear – Geo Stripe Sleeveless Zip One Piece [/products/capriosca-swimwear-geo-stripe-sleeveless-zip-one-piece/]
Capriosca swimwear
Capriosca Swimwear – Black 6 Way Wrap[/products/capriosca-swimwear-black-6-way-wrap/]
Reversable Tote – Libby Watkins[/products/reversable-tote-libby-watkins/]
Capriosca Swimwear – Sarong[/products/capriosca-swimwear-sarong/]

Speaking of fun. Sometimes exercise isn’t. But you can make it a bit more exciting in jazzy pants! It’s not just the prints that make Loznpoz leggings my favourite active brand, it’s the way they feel, wear and last, that really floats my boat. I wear a pair pretty much every day. One pair will usually get two wears a week and I don’t have time to be gentle with them when laundering. They get chucked in the wash and then in dryer with all the other sweaty stuff. My first pair are still going strong after two years of solid work and wear. The prints are just a beautiful bonus. And the feel? Like a second skin.

One Cool Mother
One Cool Mother Muscle Tee[/products/one-cool-mother-muscle-tee/]
Loznpoz Leggings – White Leopard[/products/leggings-white-leopard/]
Loznpoz Leggings – Good Vibes [/products/loznpoz-leggings-red-ones/]
One Cool Mother Muscle Tee[/products/one-cool-mother-muscle-tee/]
One Cool Mother Tote Bag[/products/one-cool-mother-tote-bag/]
Loznpoz Leggings – Olive Leopard[/products/loznpoz-leggings-olive-leopard/]

Wanna know my ultimate favourite pick for summer? The One Cool Mother muscle tee of course. I love the muscle style. It’s roomy, airy and works looks ace over togs, activewear or a lacey bra. It can be worn either long to cover your bum, or scrunched up on the hip if you wanna show it off. You could even chop the bottom off for a super cool cropped style. My choice of styling? To knot it at the back with a hair tie. It’s made from high quality organic cotton and keeps its size and shape even if it you treat it badly.

Last but not least, the bags. Fabulous meets function with these three winners. Firstly, the Libby Watkins reversible tote in Fleur de Paradis. These bags are so versatile and practical. You’ll be gobsmacked at just how much stuff you can fit in one. And it comes with a little surprise mini pouch inside. It’s a bag in a bag! The compliment factor on one of these beauties is off the charts, so be prepared.

Libby has also done a small neoprene cross body bag with three zip sections. THREE!!! It’s tiny, but mighty practical for active girls or for women looking for a hands free option at cocktail hour. Perfect for beach walks and bike rides too.

And of course, no bag wardrobe is complete without a foldable canvas tote, with a cool AF gold logo on it. This is a perfect way to tell the cool mofos in your life how much you dig them or keep it for yourself and tell the world about your awesomeness instead. Either way, it’s coof AF and you should get one, or three.

So there you have it. My first style collection for One Cool Mother. I hope you find the site and shop a fun and easy place to navigate. I would love to hear what you think or if there is anything you need help with, shoot me a message at Thanks for visiting xx.

Onecoolmother loznpoz


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What the devil is this all about then? Well, it started as an idea over 12 months ago to bring together like-minded women struggling to find their identities. Buried somewhere under kids, relationships, work, careers, and general life shit, exists our individual true selves. The one that wants to rock out and rebel, to relax and sloth about, to talk about anything else but our gosh darn responsibilities. The woman without the label.

What happened next was that we grew a community. Of exactly those like-minded women. Who came together from many corners of society to laugh, share, listen and offer guidance. Free of labels, free of judgement, and just free to be our individual true selves. If we weren’t there already, the almost 1000 strong band of supportive females, helped us get there. Or at least held our hand while we tried.

Through this community, I found what floated my boat and what I needed to do to find my own identity. And it came from the essence of that group, which is ‘helping women’, in the ways that I know how. I want women to place more value on themselves, to treat themselves, to find their true beauty and admire the gorgeous beings that they are. Inside and out. I want women to feel that looking their best isn’t about vanity but about self care and love. And every woman deserves to feel that way.

I want to wash away the guilt we feel when we decide to put ourselves first. I want to give permission to those who are struggling with taking the first step in prioritising their joy. Damn it, I wanna show you how to do a really easy smokey eye!!!

And that’s pretty much it. Whether you’re here to shop, read, watch or ask for advice, it’s all about big love, cool style, lazy makeup, simple beauty and making life easy AF. Enjoy.

INDULGE ME : I’ve Had A Very Exciting Month

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My Beauties!  I know it’s been a while since we last spoke here, but so much has been going on this past month that I just haven’t had either the time, energy or sometimes motivation, to write.  Don’t worry though, because apart from low iron (getting it checked today) everything else is just fabulous.  So won’t you sit back, relax and indulge me, as I tell you all about it. Read More

MY HAPPY BODY : The Pros & Cons of FITSPO.

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Time to fess up.  Is your fridge covered in magazine pics of chicks in bikinis?  Assuming they are there for ‘fitspiration’ or god forbid, ‘thinspiration’, and not just for perving on, are they actually helping you to achieve your goals or are they just making you feel even more shit about yourself? Read More

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