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What the devil is this all about then? Well, it started as an idea over 12 months ago to bring together like-minded women struggling to find their identities. Buried somewhere under kids, relationships, work, careers, and general life shit, exists our individual true selves. The one that wants to rock out and rebel, to relax and sloth about, to talk about anything else but our gosh darn responsibilities. The woman without the label.

What happened next was that we grew a community. Of exactly those like-minded women. Who came together from many corners of society to laugh, share, listen and offer guidance. Free of labels, free of judgement, and just free to be our individual true selves. If we weren’t there already, the almost 1000 strong band of supportive females, helped us get there. Or at least held our hand while we tried.

Through this community, I found what floated my boat and what I needed to do to find my own identity. And it came from the essence of that group, which is ‘helping women’, in the ways that I know how. I want women to place more value on themselves, to treat themselves, to find their true beauty and admire the gorgeous beings that they are. Inside and out. I want women to feel that looking their best isn’t about vanity but about self care and love. And every woman deserves to feel that way.

I want to wash away the guilt we feel when we decide to put ourselves first. I want to give permission to those who are struggling with taking the first step in prioritising their joy. Damn it, I wanna show you how to do a really easy smokey eye!!!

And that’s pretty much it. Whether you’re here to shop, read, watch or ask for advice, it’s all about big love, cool style, lazy makeup, simple beauty and making life easy AF. Enjoy.

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