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September 2015

SCRUBBY LOVE : Face & Body Exfoliators I Want to Kiss & Marry

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Hands up, who let’s their body hide away in trackies and jeans all winter, while the dead skin builds up to a crusty dry mess, that even the unshaven hair can’t break its way through?  Yeah?  OK, well, you know your legs aren’t like a plastic container you’ve left in the fridge too long, that now contains a liquified ‘mystery meal’? You can’t just throw them in the bin and get new ones, like Tupperware (OK, maybe not actual Tupperware, because that cost you two week’s rent, but you know what I mean).  You either need to fix that shit, or keep wearing pants.   Read More

PINK BITS : Pastel Hair For The Faint Hearted

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Pastel hair is cool as shit right now.  If you’re scared to embrace the trend for fear of looking like double entendre slinging, Mrs Slocombe from Are You Being Served, then you needn’t worry your pretty little heads, because I’ve got you covered.  Just sit back, relax and stroke your pussies while I give you the run down on getting some lovely pink bits.  (Apologies to anyone under 35 who is completely baffled by this paragraph – go ask an elder).
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