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August 2014

SHAMERS : Mind Your Own Damn Body

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Right, sorry about this, but I have to just get something off my chest.  I read an Instagram comment last night that really got me worked up.  It deals with the issue of body image and, in my opinion, body shaming, but not in the way we are used to. Read More

ACNE : My Life With The Spots

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Ever since I started high school at age 12, I’ve had acne to some degree.  I’m 38 now, so that’s a long time to deal with something that most people only experience through their teenage years, if at all.  Apart from clothing choices, it’s never really held me back, it’s just been an annoying nuisance. Read More

QUICKIE REVIEW : THANKYOU Body Wash & Hand Sanitiser

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You know I loves me a bit of Thankyou action.  The body, food and water brand is probably the most socially conscious enterprise you could find in the retail space.  Definitely the kindest brand available at your local supermarket.  With proceeds going towards funding water, food and hygiene projects around the globe, it’s exciting to see there are more products we can buy to support this amazing life changing movement. Read More


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There are so many awesome brands out there in the market place, doing amazing things with products, design and ethics, it can be very easy to let a whole bunch slip by and never experience their greatness.  Fortunately there are some out there who give you a little nudge by sending presents in the mail.  Milk & Co gave me such a nudging, and I was only too happy to receive it. Read More

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