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REVIEW : BONDI SANDS Self Tanning Foam

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My tumultuous relationship with the sun began as a child, with weekends and holidays spent at the beach or playing sport.  Mum would literally slap sunscreen on us – you had to dig your feet firmly into the ground so as not to fall flat on your face.  A small but forceful woman from whom I inherited my skin genes.  Fair, with olive undertones, that tans well without too much burn.  Read More

SAVE YOURSELF : Step away from the mirror.

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Yes, I know this is a beauty blog, so this may sound hypocritical, but MIRRORS ARE THE DEVIL AND MUST BE DESTROYED!  I believe mirror abuse is causing us to obsess over perceived imperfections, making us feel a bit shit about ourselves, when in reality we are actually quite lovely. Read More

REVIEW : BUTTER LONDON Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator

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My head is all over the place at the moment, as we made a very impulsive decision last week to buy a house.  The day before signing the contract we had no intention of buying a property, but a little bargain became available in an area we like, so we snapped it up.  Not only are we going to be house owners, but renovators – two things we swore we’d never be.  Oh well. Read More

REVIEW : SUKIN Face & Body Essentials

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I hate to admit it, but back when I worked at my former spiritual home, Mecca Cosmetica, I was a brand snob and a firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for’.  Ironically, I got a lot of stuff for free, as well as a very generous staff discount and allowance.  That’s not to say that my name didn’t almost always appear on the top customers list.  Yikes, considering my discount, that’s a lot of product. Read More


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When I was little I wanted hair like Miss Piggy, the pioneer of Victoria Secret hair, and undoubtedly their inspiration and muse.  On occasion, over the years, I have managed said Pigginess, with the right stylist (not me), and moments of low humidity.  These days, however, the goal posts have been shifted and now I want to be a mermaid. Read More

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